Warehousing and Distribution | Choose Central Delaware

Learn more about Central Delaware's locations for warehouse and distribution centers.

Central Delaware is full of endless possibilities for your next warehouse and distribution center, we’ve got the space for your business to grow! Central Delaware can offer space for anything from a small plant to an Air Cargo warehouse. Join the ranks of top-notch companies that are already taking advantage of Central Delaware’s wide-open spaces.

Located within 3 hours of 4 major cities you can be sure that building your business in Central Delaware will give you the flexibility every business requires. New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. are all within a short drive of Central Delaware.

A recent study identifies that warehousing in Central Delaware is lacking and would benefit from having more logistics firms. With the States no sales tax and wide variety of build ready sites Central Delaware is ready to do business with you!

Warehousing & Distribution Opportunities (PDF)