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Explore the Smyrna, Delaware business offerings, employers, school district and more.

Smyrna Delaware offers small town charm with big time opportunity!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Do Business in Smyrna

  1. Strategically located for access to markets and transportation networks
  2. Town management committed to positive business growth
  3. Low cost of doing business
  4. Tax-free Delaware shopping
  5. A charming and historic downtown
  6. Small-town environment
  7. Affordable housing
  8. Quality schools and proximity to higher education opportunities
  9. Proximity to recreational activities including Delaware beaches and the Chesapeake Bay
  10.   Access to first-rate medical facilities

Smyrna’s Top Employer:

  • Wal-Mart Distribution Center

Smyrna’s Demographics:

  • Municipal Population: 11,081 (2017)
  • City Median Household Income: $53,941
  • 90.2% of Smyrna residents over the age of 24 are at least high school graduates
  • 22.1% of Smyrna residents are college graduates

Smyrna’s School District:

The mission of the Smyrna School District is to ensure that the students of the community are prepared as effectively and as efficiently as possible to become responsible and productive citizens possessing the knowledge, the problem-solving skills, and the positive attitudes necessary to successfully adapt to and function in an ever-changing environment.

  • Clayton Elementary School
  • Clayton Intermediate School
  • John Bassett Moore Intermediate School
  • North Smyrna Elementary School
  • Smyrna Elementary School
  • Smyrna High School
  • Smyrna Middle School
  • Sunny Side Elementary School


Smyrna’s Incentives:


Smyrna’s Utility Options:

Electric Provider: Town of Smyrna

Gas Provider: Chesapeake Utilities

Water Provider: Town of Smyrna

Sewer Provider: Town of Smyrna

Trash: Town of Smyrna