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Explore the Harrington, Delaware business offerings, employers, school district and more.

Harrington – Grow Here. Amazing things are happening in Harrington, Delaware. Serving as a gateway to our great state, Harrington is proud of our past, and truly excited about our future. From our thriving agriculture industry to our newly earned incentives for downtown development, great opportunities await in Harrington. Reinvestment, renovation, and reinvigoration are all happening now, and we would love for you to be a part of it. We might host the fair once a year, but there are reasons to invest year-round. You owe it to yourself to learn more about Harrington, where Delaware comes together.

Harrington’s Top Employers:

  • American Finance
  • Burris Logistics
  • Envirocorp Labs
  • Harrington Raceway & Casino (Outside of Town)
  • Kirby & Holloway Provision Co. (Outside of Town)
  • Lake Forest School District
  • Lehigh Valley Dairies
  • Pepsi Bottling Ventures of Delmarva
  • Taylor & Messick, Inc. (John Deere Dealership)
  • UPS (Inside and outside of town)

Harrington’s Demographics:

  • Municipal Population: 3,646 (2017)
  • Population within 10-minute drive: 30,148
  • Population within 20-minute drive: 72,980
  • City Median Household Income: $39,805
  • Median Household Income (within 10-minute drive): 66,660
  • Median Household Income (within 20-minute drive): 64,846
  • 88.4% of Harrington residents over the age of 24 are at least high school graduates
  • 10.2% of Harrington residents have an associates degree
  • 10.4% of Harrington residents have a bachelors or graduate degree
  • 30,000 vehicles pass through Harrington along U.S. Route 13 daily

Harrington’s School District:

Harrington is home to the Lake Forest Spartans; the school district’s mission is committed to excellence for all by providing a safe, collaborative and inclusive learning environment that prepares life-long learners to become college and career ready.

  • Delaware Early Childhood Center
  • East Elementary
  • North Elementary
  • South Elementary
  • Central Elementary
  • W.T. Chipman Middle
  • Lake Forest High School


Harrington’s Incentives:



Harrington’s Utility Options:

  • Electric Provider: Delmarva Power
  • Gas Provider: Chesapeake Utilities
  • Water Provider: City of Harrington
  • Sewer Provider: City of Harrington
  • Freight Rail Service: Delmarva Central Railroad