Central Delaware Aviation Complex | Choose Central Delaware

Learn about opportunities at the Central Delaware Aviation Complex

New opportunities are available at the new Central Delaware Aviation Complex. The complex is conveniently located in Central Delaware and is ready for local, regional, national and international Cargo business. You will have quick and easy access to major cities including New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. The complex offers convenient access to highway 1 and route 13; two of Delaware’s major roads. Delaware offers no sales tax, below average construction cost and a skilled labor pool; all of which lower your costs.

The Central Delaware Aviation Complex is on 33 acres of land with airfield access that is ready for development. There are two runways, 10,000 feet and 13,000 feet. The existing facilities may be expanded or demolished to suit your needs. With the demand for cargo hubs, maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities rising, this complex offers everything your business requires to keep up with the growing trends.

Now is the time to grow with Delaware, the State of Delaware plans to have a lease agreement finalized in 2019. Together with Central Delaware your business will take off to new heights.